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Please Meet Lorraine & Ross Pearson,

The People Behind Carpet Dyeing Australia.



“If you do what you love you will never work another day in your life”

-Marc Anthony


“I always wanted to become an interior designer”, Lorraine confesses and explains how from a very young age she was determined to make her dream come true. However Lorraine’s parents did not have the funds to support their daughters career aspirations at the time and so it wasn’t until many years later, that Lorraine finally got to embrace her passion again.

Life isn’t a straight line, it takes us on detours and presents us with hurdles that we must overcome. Lorraine and Ross’ story isn’t any different in that kind of way.

Lorraine worked successfully for many years in the banking industry in Bendigo, Victoria. Over the years, she dived in and out of many industries and careers, all of them with a strong customer focus.

She met Ross, they fell in love and soon became the dream team they are today. It was when they built their first home together that Lorraine discovered her devotion for decorations and creative assembles once again. No matter if interior or exterior finishes, from roof to ceiling and walls, Lorraine & Ross lived up to the challenge of designing their home and turned it into something special. The experience should prepare them for what was yet to come.


A New Beginning 

In July 1982 the Two had enough of the often cold and miserable weather in Bendigo and moved their lives to sunny Queensland, where they successfully launched their own Springcrest Window Furnishings Business in Rockhampton. With Ross managing head office operations and Lorraine over-seeing the company’s showroom, they helped many clients bring their ideas to life.

After a few years in the business, Lorraine got to consult with clients, who were building homes using Monier Roofing Tiles and PGH Bricks. Within two hours of consultation Lorraine would develop a comprehensive list of all interior and exterior decisions that clients needed to make and pass on to their builder. It covered everything from exterior paint colours to door handles on the kitchen cupboards.

Today, Lorraine &Ross serve the Gold Coast and take pride in solving customers carpet problems, which as everyone knows, makes such a difference to the level of comfort in your home. With all their experience and knowledge in housing decorations and furnishings, it comes at no surprise that their In-Home Advisory Service will be launching shortly.


Where the Customer is King 

Now more than ever, Lorraine & Ross put the customer first. They don’t settle for “good” but ensure that the customer is satisfied with the result, too. They are so successful, because they have set a standard for their work, that they would be happy with if it was their own home. This is what makes the difference. With thirty years experience, the thing they value the most, then and now, is the trust clients place in them and the sheer satisfaction of delivering beyond what’s expected.


Lorraine & Ross Pearson.

Carpet makeover and Encore Carpet Professionals.


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