Homeowners And Businesses Save Thousands Redyeing Their Carpets

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Carpet before redyeing

Are you thinking about replacing your carpet? Have you moved into  a new place and the carpet just doesn’t match your furniture?

Maybe it is stained and you want to replace it but don’t have the budget right now?

Below are just some of the carpet redyeing tips you need to know before recolouring your carpet.

Don’t replace your carpet – redye it and save up to 80% off the price to replace it with new carpet.

How carpet redyeing works

The actual process of carpet dyeing takes a few hours.

Once the makeover is complete, it is safe to walk on immediately. However, depending on weather conditions, we advise waiting for a day or two to ensure your carpet is fully dry to achieve the best results.

While different services have different methods our reliable team of carpet recolour specialists are trained to advise you whether it is an entire house, apartment, business that needs carpet redyeing to the smallest stain.

Every carpet-redyeing project is different.

Before anything happens you need to carefully assess the carpet taking into consideration

In addition, carpet re-dyeing is not for faint hearted or DIY handyman as you can do a lot more harm by attempting to recolour your carpet and end up ruining it permanently.

Speaking from more than 12 years of experience, we are leaders in the art of colour rejuvenation with natural and synthetic fibres, and ensure that our customers receive the best quality of colour matching service, combined with prompt turnaround times and competitive prices.

Carpet Makeover use only high-quality pigments and carpet dyes that are specially designed for wool and nylon fibres. Our dyes are permanent, vibrant and colourfast.

With a wide variety of colour choices and colours, there are many options to make you old carpet look like new.

About Carpet Makeover Services

We are a family owned, professional carpet dyeing, rug re-colouring and cleaning company that is established in the Australian market for more than 12 years.

Our team of professionals operates in Queensland and covers the Brisbane city area, North Coast, Gold Coast as well as Tweed Coast.

Carpet Makeover provides the following carpet recolouring services that include but are not limited to:

• Complete carpet or rug colour change

• Colour restoration including UV and Ozone Faded carpets

• Chemical / bleach spot repair

• Stain re-colouring

• Pet stain removal and treatments for carpets, soft furnishings and rugs

• Automotive and Marine carpet dyeing services

• Colour Enhancements

Carpet Makeover offers a vast range of carpet redyeing services and colours to homeowners as well as businesses. We also serve resorts, hotels and motels, real estate agencies, commercial businesses as well as property investors to address their carpet makeover needs no matter how big or small the project may be.

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