Removing dog urine

Dog urine removal carpetsHave you got dog urine stains &  odours in your carpet?

As a home owner, landlord or just letting out a spare room, there is nothing worse than opening a door and smelling pet urine.

It is one of those smells that floats through the air directly into your nostrils. The definitive smell you get from dog urine stains embedded deep within carpets & rugs.

Not only does the smell put you off entering the room there is also the health factor to consider. With harmful bacteria alive in the carpets or rugs, you really need this problem sorted fast.

It’s only natural that when your dog pee’s on your carpet you want to remove the stain there and then, however, you also need to be careful because

If it is a continuous problem it may also pay to have your dog checked by your vet as it may have a disease or infection after which they can advise what you do.

See the damage this carpet had due to dog urine

Check out the carpet after we removed the dog urine

After that if your dog has a clean bill of health try talking him or her for walks outside at 1-2 hour intervals.

Of course, if you already have dog urine stains on your carpet or your dog continues to pee on your carpet give us a call at Carpet Makeover. We have some great treatments for removing dog urine and stains from carpets and rugs that are safe for you, your family, carpets and the environment.

Whatever you decide is up to you, however, the most important point to remember is you should be well aware that left untreated these stains and odours can cause bacteria to live in your carpet which can be very unhygienic and unhealthy especially for young children and the elderly.

If you’d like more information or a free quote to remove dog urine & stains from your soft furnishings, carpet or rugs give us a call at Carpet Makeover today on 1300558794.

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