Spot Dyeing What is it?

Re dyeing Bleach/Chemical Damage and Pet stains

There are many things that can cause carpets to discolour or become lighter. Cleaning products like Domestos, cosmetics or acne treatment creams, pet stains such as urine or vomit can all cause permanent discolourations, leaving ugly patches that ruin the carpet’s beauty and appearance forever.
Carpet Makeover Technicians have the knowledge ,skills and expertise to recolour these ugly patches so they are no longer visible. No matter the size or colour we can colour adjust by replacing the missing colour and thereby matching the original carpet colour.


Colour Refresh How does this work?

This service is a fabulous option for carpets that are beginning to lose their colour and have been effected by either UV rays or Ozone Fading (Atmospheric). We thoroughly clean and colour rejuvenate your carpet back to it’s original colour. No matter what colour carpet you have we will be able to match. it The process takes a few hours and because we are only concentrating on the faded sections the furniture doesn't need to be moved of the carpet. Once the Colour Refresh is complete you will be able to walk on your carpets immediately however they will still be damp and may take a day or so to dry depending on weather conditions.


Colour Change. AKA A Carpet Makeover

Just as the name implies A Carpet Makeover is a total colour change. From pale blue to charcoal,
Dusky pink to chocolate or beige to caramel the choice is yours. We can re dye nylon or wool carpets for a fraction of the cost compared to replacing them and the results we achieve are truly amazing. We have an In-Home advisory service where we will sit with you and discuss the colour options (based on the current carpet colour) and inspect the overall condition of the carpet to see if it suitable to be recoloured.

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